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How To Get A Perfect Score On The GMAT AWA Section

We are often asked from business school applicants about how to get a perfect score on the GMAT test AWA section. The truth is, it is a lot easier to score well on the GMAT AWA section than most people believe.

In fact, even individuals whose first language is not English can do remarkably well. There is no reason why you cannot receive a perfect score.

The great part about the AWA section of the GMAT test is that you do not need to spend as much time on the test as you will on the Math and Verbal sections. In fact, you only need to spend a small percentage of your time on this.

Although MBA admissions teams will not spend as much time on the AWA section, it is still important to do well. Particularly if you are not a native English speaker, business schools may be concerned if you do very poorly on this section. Admissions teams will want to know that you are confident in the English language.


Here are some tips to how to get a perfect score on the GMAT AWA section.

1. Make sure to choose a position

To begin, it is very important that you choose a position for your essays. What is great about the AWA section of the GMAT test is that it does not matter which side you take. What is important is that you choose one. The GMAT scorers do not like people who change their answer in the middle of an essay. If you do switch sides in your essay, your score will be penalized.

2. Spend time creating a draft

Although this may be difficult to do, it is very important that you create an outline before you start on your essay. Even though this may seem like a waste of time, you will save time in the long run. After you create an outline, you will be shocked at how much quicker you will be able to write your essays.

3. Use examples in your AWA essays

Although this is not particularly mentioned, it is important that you use examples in your AWA essays whenever possible. While the essays are not intended to test your knowledge in any particular area, it is preferable to support your argument with examples from many different areas. These examples can greatly enhance the strength of your essay.

4. Do not cut your AWA essay short

It is important that you not keep your AWA essay too short. Although the GMAT test does not specify this, it is important to make your essay sufficient. Aim to create a standard 5 paragraph essay. This format is very effect for your AWA essays.

5. Review your essays

So many people tend to overlook the importance of reviewing your essays. Your GMAT essays will be graded by a human and a computer, and both will be looking for mistakes on your essay. It is important that you spend a few minutes at the end of each essay to go back and review your essays.

6. Focus on your introduction and conclusion

Although many test takers avoid the introduction and conclusion on their AWA essays, these are important for you to spend time on. Your introduction should state your thesis and what you intend to write about. Your conclusion should sum up the points that you had discussed above. If you do this properly, you can score a 6 on the AWA section of the GMAT test.

7. Believe In Yourself

After you have chosen a side on the AWA test, believe in yourself. You should be confident in your point of view and should support your points with examples. You should not dilute your arguments with unnecessary words such as “I think.”

8. Use certain words.

When writing your AWA essay, it is important to use transition words to help the readers with your essays. Words such as “however,” and “in conclusion” can be very powerful in your essay.

We hope these tips will be of help to you in scoring a perfect score on the GMAT AWA section.

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