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How To Get Into Harvard Business School

How To Get Into Harvard Business School – Acceptance into HBS, one of the most prestigious business programs in the world, is not an easy task. In order to gain admission, a candidate needs to have the right profile and to spend considerable time and effort in his/her admission process.

It is true that having a campus spread over 40 acres next to Harvard University in the Boston area might be a attracting factor. Also, many students get overwhelmed to see the wide number of alumni (70,000) who are in positions of considerable responsibility all around the world. Finally, the unique, talented and experienced staff can show students how rewarding the program can be inside and outside the classroom.

How To Get Into Harvard Business School

However, being accepted into HBS requires the student to consider several aspects: what sets you apart? Have you taken your GMAT exam and scored in a top percentile? Are you being honest throughout the admission process?

These compendium of factors are all considered by the HBS admission committee, reasons why it is important to realize that HBS students are talented leaders with a desire to make a difference. Leaders can come from different professional backgrounds (corporate or entrepreneurial), but their difference lies on personality and character. HBS admission committee members have accepted that every candidate who is interviewed shows a set of abilities and characteristics which genuinely sets them apart for the general crowd. As an applicant you should think about the reasons why you are applying to the HBS program and if the M.B.A. will help you grow as a person and as a professional. We hope this was of help when you consider how to get into Harvard Business School.

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