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How To Study For GMAT Verbal Questions

At 2minuteGMAT a lot of time is spent on finding the best ways to study for GMAT questions. In particular, within the past few weeks we have focused on the best ways to study for GMAT verbal questions. We are very committed to the highest quality of education for GMAT verbal questions, and we’re always interested in listening to the latest developments. Recently, a well known newspaper released an article that has direct implications on studying for GMAT verbal questions.

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The article, which is from the New York Times, proposes that much of the conventional wisdom about study habits is not very effective. There are serious ramifications for those looking to study GMAT verbal questions. As an example, students often believe when taking GMAT verbal questions that they should stay in a particular workspace. In fact, recent research has found individuals actually remember more material from their GMAT verbal question studies when they switch rooms while studying. It’s also more helpful to work on a range of distinct skills in a single study session, rather than narrowing your focus to one topic. This is very important for those studying their GMAT verbal questions. “What we think is happening here is that, when the outside context is varied, the information is enriched, and this slows down forgetting,” says one researcher. We hope this was of help to you on your GMAT verbal question studies.

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