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Special Advice For GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

When taking GMAT reading comprehension questions, understand that practice will not be the same situation as when you take the real GMAT test. When you take the official GMAT test, your goal will be to answer as many GMAT reading comprehension questions as possible correctly, within the amount of time given. However, many GMAT test students make the mistake of using this same mentality to studying for the GMAT reading comprehension questions, practicing primarily by solving problem and rarely actually reviewing the GMAT reading comprehension questions.

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Additionally, a lot of studying for GMAT reading comprehension questions differs considerably from optimal test-taking. Here are only a few ways in which the contrast between the two is evident:
The primary emphasis of studying for GMAT reading comprehension questions should be on the weakest areas. Differently, students taking the actual GMAT test should not place undue emphasis on their weaker areas, but should instead exercise this benefit by dedicating additional time to stronger areas on GMAT reading comprehension questions

For the official GMAT test, there is no opportunity to go back and review GMAT reading comprehension questions. When you study for GMAT reading comprehension questions, however, the actual problems being solved are not important. We hope this will be of help for you on GMAT tests.

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