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Taking Notes On GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Want to hear more advice on GMAT reading comprehension questions? A lot of times at test takers you will be given advice for GMAT reading comprehension questions that other people contradict. This is not the case here. When you are taking these GMAT verbal questions, your notes should be heavily abbreviated. You should be strongly abbreviating notes, more so than you would typically take when studying. Actually, if I look at my notes for a passage a few days later, you should not be able to understand what they mean.

Harvard Business School Advice

Why is this so important for GMAT reading comprehension questions? For you MBA application, you have to take advantage of the GMAT test. With the GMAT test having so many GMAT reading comprehension questions , you have a limited amount of time to solve each one. You’re going to spend 6 to 8 minutes with the GMAT reading comprehension questions and then you can forget about it. You should not commit anything to long-term memory, and you do you need to take long notes from which you can study in a week. Limiting the time on each of your GMAT questions can make the difference in your final score. Make sure to remember to take these short notes when taking GMAT reading comprehension questions.

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