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What Are The GMAT Quantitative Section And GMAT Problem Solving Questions

We often get asked what the GMAT quantitative section and GMAT problem solving questions are. The GMAT quantitative section includes a number of multiple choice questions, which need to be answered in a little over an hour. You will face 2 types of GMAT Math questions: problem solving and data sufficiency. The mean score has varied slightly over the past few years.

Most international MBA programs will only consider the GMAT quantitative section, as the degrees they offer will normally be in a different language. These typically require a higher quantitative score and ignore the verbal sections.

GMAT Quantitative Sections Tips

GMAT problem solving questions test the quantitative reasoning ability. GMAT Problem-solving questions include a number of GMAT questions in arithmetic, basic algebra, and elementary geometry. The problem is to solve the GMAT problems and choose the right answer. Some problems will be plain mathematical calculations; the rest will be presented as real life word problems that will require mathematical solutions.

Numbers: All numbers used are real numbers.

We hope this was of help for your GMAT problem solving questions and the GMAT quantitative section. Thanks for continuing to read; Stay tuned for specific strategies for GMAT problem solving questions and the GMAT quantitative section.

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